Conservatory Replacement Roofs

Why Would You Need To Replace Your Roof?

There are many reasons as to why a roof replacement would want to be done.

When you first built your conservatory you might have been on a little bit of a tight budget and thought by getting the cheapest roof that would be good enough to do what you want to do inside of the conservatory. Now that you might have a bit more money behind you, you have decided to improve the look and practicality of the conservatory now that you can.

If you currently have a glass roof you will know that it is amazing when loads and loads of natural light is coming into the structure but then when it comes to winter and in the middle of summer, the room is almost unusable all the time because of the lack of insulation the roof has. In theory, in the winter all the heat escapes from the glass roof and it quickly becomes expensive to keep the room warm at all times, and in the summer when you want to be enjoying the good weather the conservatory will turn into a greenhouse and become extremely warm inside. All this does is reduce the time you can use the structure and you won’t be getting as much value for your money. With a new and improved tiled roof, all of that can change, that is why you will want to replace your current conservatory roof.

Benefits Of Conservatory Replacement Roofs

Improved Efficiency

Stronger More Reliable Roof

A Tiled Roof Will Improve Acoustics

Roofs Are Easily Replaced By Our Team

Will Help To Improve The Look Of The Structure


You brought your conservatory on a tight budget.

You now regret that decision as your conservatory isn’t as useable as you would like it to be.

You can now get roof replacements that will help make your conservatory better.

How Will You Benefit From A Better Roof?

A tiled roof can make all the difference in efficiency and useability.

If you are looking to get a tiled roof on your conservatory to replace your existing one then you will straight away notice the difference in usability throughout the year just through the insulation that is packed into the roof. Not only will you notice a difference in performance between the roofs but the look and aesthetic will also be improved as your conservatory will look smarter and more blended into your home because the tiles on the roof it will make it seem more like one than separate buildings. Our roofs will also benefit you with the option to have skylights installed into the roof, this will help to bring in natural light that the tiled roof will block out.

The acoustics are another thing that will be improved with a new tiled roof. Because of the insulation in the roof, the sounds will no longer bounce around the room and you will be able to enjoy music, films, conversation and much more while relaxing inside your conservatory. You will also notice that sounds from the outside like birds and road noise aren’t as loud and you won’t be able to notice them as much.

What Can You Get On The Conservatory

Our conservatories come with a host of features chosen by you.

With our conservatories, you ultimately get the most choice to be able to build the conservatory exactly how you want it. We have a great range of styles that you can choose from these are Lean-To, Edwardian, Victorian and so many more, you can choose something that is going to suit your home so the conservatory doesn’t look out of place. Then you get to choose your base on the conservatory and you have the choice between full-height glass and a dwarf wall, with the dwarf wall you can choose the brick used on it from our very own range.

Next is the size of your conservatory, we have a very good range of sizes that are available for you to choose from and each of our styles has its own range of sizes to give you more choice. Once you have chosen your size the roof is what comes next, you have glass, polycarbonate or a tiled roof, if you are doing a roof replacement you most likely want to go for the tiled roof, this roof meets all structural and building regulations thanks to careful design and engineering. The roof has been extensively tested and certificates issued to ensure it complies with and exceeds the current building regulation requirements for both structural and thermal performance.

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