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Help create the impression of more space in your home.

Even a century after its inception, the Edwardian conservatory remains a popular design. Symmetrical in style, its expansive design emphasises a period appeal whilst accentuating the charm of any home. Capable of seamlessly integrating with your heritage or contemporary property, it has stood the test of time for a reason. Thanks to its rectangular footprint, occupants have maximum use of floor space. This allows for easy positioning of furniture and much, much more.

A cost-effective way to add space, value and comfort to your home.

Its sharpness is best served to homeowners looking to increase their space in a sleek bold fashion. Whilst they can be designed to sit on dwarf walls, you can choose full height frames and glazing to maximise light and floor space. The Edwardian conservatory consists of plain glass panelling. This amplifies the amount of light entering your conservatory and thus, helps to create the impression of more space. This blissful quality maximises the view for the occupant and is an incredibly desirable trait. Why? Because it allows you to enjoy your garden in all weathers, with this spacious, sun-filled extension to your home.

The benefits of the Edwardian conservatory

Colour Variety

Give your home a personal edge and a sense of individuality with our wide range of colours.

Customisation Options

The graceful magnificence of the Edwardian conservatory is its customisable simplicity.

Efficient Installation

Our knowledgeable installation team adheres to the highest standards of service and care.

Graceful Simplicity

Seamlessly blend the timeless roof of the Edwardian conservatory into any home.

Simple Sophistication

The Edwardian conservatory is less ornate than others, giving it a clean, supple classiness.

Versatile Design

The Edwardian conservatory is wonderfully suited to heritage and modern homes alike.

How an Edwardian conservatory emboldens your home

Take something delicate and transform it into a robust extension.

Consisting of plain glass panelling, the Edwardian conservatory is all about amplifying light. In doing so, the natural light helps cultivate a spacious, bright and airy room to relax in. However, there are three key elements one can alter to change your living conditions. By changing the materials of your roof, you can take it from something delicate and transform it into a robust extension. Whilst we’re somewhat biased here at Tiled Roof Conservatories, here are the options available to homeowners hoping for a change.


Choose from double-glazed glass, solar control gas or self-cleaning glass. Solar control gas helps mitigate heat loss during winter. It also reduces heat build-up in summer, which can lead to a stuffy conservatory. Self-cleaning glass has a special coating that uses sunlight to break down accumulated dirt. This innovation saves you the hassle of scaling a ladder and cleaning the roof of your Edwardian conservatory yourself!


This is a plastic roofing material that is sturdy, lightweight and flexible. Its low cost makes it handy on a budget, while its flexibility means it can be cut and installed to fit most roof shapes. It’s also a good choice for handling everything the British weather throws at your Edwardian conservatory. However, polycarbonate roofs are fairly noisy during rainfall. They also lack some of the thermal insulation properties of double-glazing or a solid roof.


You can forgo a transparent or translucent Edwardian conservatory roof and choose a solid roof instead. Tiles are sturdier and offer protection against glare from the sun, and you can opt for a vaulted or sloped roof design. People choose tiled roofs to seamlessly blend their conservatory with their home’s existing roof tiles. Plus, whilst you can use a range of tiles, you can also add skylights and windows to let in additional light.

Our process

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What is an Edwardian conservatory?

It’s all about simplicity and maximising space.

Edwardian conservatories are a great way to expand your home with a bright, open living space. Elegant, classic, and timeless, they are versatile enough to suit all styles of houses. If you were to ask someone to picture a conservatory, the vast majority would envisage an Edwardian conservatory. Its hallmarks include clean lines, square corners and a pitched roof with a central ridge.

Far less ornate than their predecessors, they proved popular during the reign of King Edward VII from 1901 and 1910.

It is one of the three types known as “period conservatories”. Each of which got its name from the reigning King or Queen of the time, the other two being Victorian and Georgian. Having rebelled against the ornate décor of the Victorian era, the Edwardian conservatory was all about simplicity. Rather than having curved, ornate edges, it utilises straight, flat edges. By opting for a subdued approach, it instead focuses on openness. In doing so, it lets in as much natural light as possible and is a more usable living space than a similar-sized Victorian conservatory.

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