Relax with Tiled Roof Conservatories

Relax with Tiled Roof Conservatories

Whether it’s protecting your home, keeping your goods dry and your family sheltered, the roof is the most significant part of a build. Yet, for too long, homeowners have endured inadequate thermal efficiency – until Tiled Roof Conservatories. Our ingenious design combines attractive tiled slates with an ultra-light structural frame. Now, tiled roof conservatories have evolved to exceed the benefits of traditional systems. See for yourself.

Building Regulations Compliant

We cooperate with local councils to ensure our beautiful systems are compliant with building control. Planning permission is not always required, but we will accrue the necessary certificates on your behalf if so. This way, should you opt to sell your home, you have sound peace of mind.

Integrated Additional Room

There’s no need to worry about the stability of your existing conservatory structure. Tiled Roof Conservatories’ unique system can be integrated with any existing architecture. Various styling options are available, and the extra room can increase the functionality of your home.

Internal Watertight Insulation

Keep your family warm and comfortable throughout the year. Prevent leaks, eliminate noise and boost your energy efficiency with Tiled Roof Conservatories. Thermal efficiency allows you to save considerably more every month for those rainy days.

Quick & Easy to Install

There’s no time like the present, and our aluminium structural core is designed to take the stress away from existing frames. Easily saw and cut the tiles to size. Then, with just some batons, a drill, a screwdriver and a handful of screws, you can DIY your roof in a matter of hours.

Ultra Lightweight Roof Tiling

Tiled Roof Conservatories offer an affordable, durable and lightweight roofing system. Weighing in at an incredibly light 6kg per spare meter, the tiles are manufactured right here in the UK. In some cases, they provide even more variety and style than standard slate sheets.

Revive your conservatory with Tiled Roof Conservatories

Quick, efficient and seamless. Fully realise your expectations.

Too hot in the summer? Too cold in the winter? The unpredictable nature of our British weather needs no longer be of concern when you rejuvenate your conservatory. Tiled roof conservatories are custom made and tailored to fit the exact needs of the customer. The exceptional thermal performance of our tiled roofs allows you to consider the room as no different to any other in your home.

Whether you want us to build spaces from scratch or upgrade any unloved areas, Tiled Roof Conservatories are here to help.

If you have an existing conservatory, the likelihood is that you are already no stranger to temperature fluctuations. Sadly such weather-dependent spaces are hardly an integral part of the home – but they can be. Our team provide countless customers with a cost-effective solution for energy-inefficient conservatories. We can replace your pre-existing glass or polycarbonate roof with a fully insulated tiled roof. This way, you can convert your conservatory into a usable all-year-round space. To achieve this, you can reap the rewards of our years of experience in the home improvements sector. Our team offer competitive prices combined with outstanding workmanship.

Breathe new life into a dull old space. Every aspect is personable – from the light fittings to the tile colour.

Make your space more than just a conservatory. Our dedicated team will leave you with an all-year-round multi-purpose room. One that’s cost-effective and comes complete with an aesthetically beautiful interior and exterior. Taken from concept through to completion, you can rejuvenate tired and worn spaces and transform them into an integral part of the house. With the help of our fully qualified tradespeople, you will achieve the look and feel of an extension for a fraction of the cost.

The Benefits of Tiled Roof Conservatories

The “warm roof” design was conceived via a (patent granted) pod system.

Tiled Roof Conservatories’ roof pod system is a boarded one-piece timber framework section. Each pod is tailor-made to replace the existing glass or polycarbonate of roofed conservatories. These are either shaped or rectangular and form a structural link between the eaves and ridge.

Tiled roof conservatories are factory pre-assembled pods that use roofing grade timber.

All pod joints are glued and screwed together before being boarded with 18mm OBS3 roofing sheets. The one-piece roof pods are then glued and screwed onto a continuous Glulam* ring beam. This is attached to the head of window frames and finished with a 150mm fascia board and an ‘ogee’ decorative gutter system. Our specially engineered beam provides incredible structural strength, long-term durability and performance. Designed as a roof replacement for existing conservatories, Tiled Roof Conservatories feature a U-value of 0.14.

Pods are finished off externally with lightweight tiles available in a wide range of colours.

When carrying out a roof replacement, speed is essential for protecting your room and minimise disruptions. Because the pods are fabricated in the factory, we offer a solution that is installed and made watertight faster than any other roof system. The inside could be exposed for as little as an hour, and your finished installation is likely to take a day less than comparable aluminium systems.

Tiled Roof Conservatories are Building Regulations Compliant

The Warm Roof is certified by Assent Building Control.

We cooperate with local councils to ensure our beautiful systems are compliant with building control. The solid roof is certified by Assent Building Control (ABC) – an accredited national building control approvals agency. ABC ran structural calculations figures and assessed thermal performance and condensation resistance. As a result, the timber roof is certified to achieve a ‘u’ value as low as 0.14Wm2. By designing our roofs in timber, we combat the risk of condensation in ways that similar metal structures cannot.

Their independent tests and detailed analysis lead to the verification of our roof system.

The design of the solid roof incorporates patented (patent number 2515294) timber pod technology. Patented protection provides peace of mind for the consumer, who will receive a tried and tested original British product. For those of you interested in tiled roof conservatories, we can assure you that you have come to the right place. However, before continuing, know that your conservatory roof exemption may no longer apply.

According to a letter dated 30th July 2013, and issued by the Department for Communities and Local Government:

“. . . in certain circumstances an existing conservatory or porch can no longer be considered exempt from the requirement of Building Regulations if the amount of glazing in either the walls or roof is significantly reduced by further work or alteration”.

It is worth noting that the percentage reduction is not stated. Therefore, we advise that you check in advance with your local Building Control office or seek the advice of your installer. In addition to this, planning permission should always be checked. Existing conservatories will have had prior planning consent or under permitted development rights. If the roof of an existing conservatory is to be replaced with a tiled roof, it will unlikely require further planning permission. Especially, if it will be similar to those on adjoining buildings and the overall footprint and height remains unchanged.

Yet, in all cases, it’s advisable to check with your local planning department before starting any work.


On the 1st October 2008, there were changes made relating to planning permission for tiled roof conservatories. For instance, the erection of a conservatory would be classed as permitted development. Therefore, if you meet the following applicable conditions, planning permission is not required

  • An extension to the side of the property should be single-storey with the width not exceeding 50% of the original home and no more than 4 metres high. In short, the height of tiled roof conservatories should not exceed the home’s highest point.
  • There should be no raised platforms, balconies or verandas.
  • Other buildings or additions should not cover in excess of 50% of the area of the land that surrounds the “original house”. Whilst an extension might not have been constructed by you, you will have taken on the responsibility of an earlier occupant.
  • A rear single-storey extension should not exceed 4 metres in depth for a detached home and 3 metres for an attached home. For a rear extension that exceeds one storey, 3 metres is the maximum depth that also includes the ground floor.
  • With extensions of more than a single storey, the pitch of the roof should be the same as the existing home. Similarly, if the height of the ridge and eaves on an extension should not exceed the height of the existing home.
  • If the extension is closer than 2 metres to the boundary, the height of the eaves should not exceed 3 metres. Similarly, should the property front a highway, an extension must not be forward of a side or principal elevation.
  • It may be necessary to obtain listed building consent if it is intended to carry out work to a listed building. On designated land i.e. conservation areas, World Heritage Sites and National Parks, no extensions to the side of the home are allowed. In addition to this, exterior cladding is not allowed, nor is development in respect of rear extensions that exceed 1 storey.

Want Additional Room? Here’s How Tiled Roof Conservatories Can Transform Your Home

The cheaper, easier way of maximising your home whilst bathing it in additional light.

The unwanted side effect of having friends and family over for special occasions is that it reveals just how small your property is. Unfortunate as it is, whilst our homes may be our castles, social events can cause them to CRUMBLE before our very eyes. Close-knit quarters feed rising tensions and often demand much-needed decompression once visitors vacate. Yet, it’s here when rocking back and forth – clamouring for additional space – that a simple thought tends to pop into our customer’s heads.

| Why don’t I just extend my home with Tiled Roof Conservatories?

Okay, they might not specifically think of our name, but they end up visualising tiled roof conservatories. After all, do you recall house hunting and seeing the golden line “spacious conservatory”? We do, but not for good reasons. As our hearts flutter, they’re sorely beaten once we see the status of these haphazardly tacked on spaces. Some older units tend to feel like an afterthought, which leads to abandonment.

Yet, thanks to tiled roof conservatories, these spaces are seeing a resurgence in popularity.

Tiled roof conservatories are the ideal solution for creating your dream extension. Unlike older conservatories, they don’t feel like a separate entity to the rest of the house. They feel at one with the house. This is an expansion for your living quarters – not a derelict forgotten relic. Tiled roof conservatories is a cheaper and easier way to maximise the square footage of your home whilst bathing it in additional light. With available brickwork, render and tiles on hand to mimic your property as best possible, it’s the solution you’ve been looking for.


Whether it’s used as a dedicated hobby room or to be more sociable, there’s no avoiding the fact that extra space would increase the value of your home. Yet, whilst this is sage advice from property experts, extensions are known for being expensive. Not only that but homeowners are ONLY entitled to the square footage of their grounds. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a balance between adding extra indoor space and not eating up all that valuable garden space.

THIS is why tiled roof conservatories can be so beneficial.

These spaces are HUGELY versatile and can act as a conduit between your back garden and interior. There’s no need to worry about the stability of your existing conservatory structure. Tiled Roof Conservatories’ unique system can be integrated with any existing architecture. There are plenty of styles and colour options to choose from, meaning YOU decide whether you want your new addition to blend in or stand out.

Yet, more importantly, WHAT will you use your comfy, cosy space for?

  • Living room
    Conservatories naturally lend themselves to social spaces. They’re perfect for everything from casual parties to barbecues, booze-ups and even a lazy Sunday afternoon with a book.
  • Dining room
    Yes, they’re typically social spaces . . . but do you know what socialising often leads to? FOOD. Yet, unless yours features a privacy wall, it might be best to lay low. Shallower furniture will prevent taller furniture from blocking the light pooling in from your new space.
  • Bedroom
    Social, schmocial, a fella’s gotta sleep and tiled roof conservatories are relaxing areas. If you want a new bedroom, a standard room size to fit a single bed is roughly 7″ x 10″. Otherwise, a popular option is to opt for a sofa bed. This way, you get the best of both spaces!
  • Other dedicated spaces
    With these extensions, you can say goodbye to big energy bills with an energy-efficient tiled roof that allows for all-around use. Treat yourself to a designated space to study – perhaps an office or a music room? Reserve a quiet corner for a spot of yoga or pump some iron with a home gym. Better still, release your inner child and break out the building blocks with a games room?

When it comes to our tiled roof conservatories, the possibilities are endless!

Internal Watertight Insulation is a Key Feature of Our Tiled Roof Conservatories

Our innovative designs help you stay warm in the winter and keep cool in the summer.

The problem with poor insulation is simple – and it’s not that it just costs you money. It costs you comfort. Yes, the associated losses can be exorbitant, but it’s the lack of comfort that renders the whole thing mute. After all, the reason you wanted a conservatory in the first place was so you and your family could benefit from the additional space. Instead, you have a drain on your happiness and expenses. More often than not, the problem comes down to older glass or polycarbonate conservatories. Whilst these are effective at letting in heat when the sun’s shining, they’re just as good at letting it out when it’s cold.

Fortunately, the cure to this “Goldilocks Problem” lies just above your head. With their insulated panels, tiled roof conservatories hold the key to comfort.

Tiled roof conservatories are compatible with most pre-standing conservatory structures. Designed to prevent leaks and dampen noise, such an addition will make yours usable all year round. Ours utilise what’s known in the industry as a “Warm Roof” design. Packed with a thick layer of high-density foam insulation, tiles stops heat from escaping or entering the existing roof. Such tiled roof conservatories channel heat right up to the apex of the ceiling. This way, the whole space stays cosy and warm. Better still, while polycarbonate or glass roofing lasts just over a decade, tiled roof conservatories last far longer.

This means tiled roof conservatories are a significant investment that will pay you dividends for years to come.


Tiled roof conservatories are reputedly up to fifteen times better at retaining heat than a 16mm polycarbonate or glass roof. Plus, despite its slimness, the insulation found in tiled roof conservatories has a u-value of just 0.15. That’s around ten times more energy-efficient than an A-rated double glazed window!

Tiled Roof Conservatories are Quick & Easy to Install

Take a look at our simple and easy-to-follow outline.

Replacing, converting, or upgrading your conservatory roof is a big job. Yet, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have done something like this before. You don’t even need to be a DIY expert.

All you need are some simple, easy-to-follow instructions. It might seem a little daunting at first, but there’s no reason to fear.

If you are at all perturbed, you can always hire a member of our team to install your roof too. Professional installers know how to make the best choices for your home. Our work is also far less likely to leak or present maintenance problems later on down the road.

The following is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a rough generalisation of how we install our tiled roof conservatories.

Evaluate Your Existing Conservatory

First things first, plan as you mean to go on. Conservatory projects that begin with good planning are FAR more likely to succeed. One of our licensed installers will be able to help you choose the perfect roof.

So, consider whether your existing conservatory structure can take a new roof?

Our tiled roof conservatories can use the existing walls and structure. Doing so saves our customers time and money. After all, considerations such as cost, style and energy efficiency affect the roof you choose.

Order & Prepare

Staging the work effectively means your conservatory windows, heating system, and roof are all ready to go at the same time. Like we said before, plan as you mean to go on. It might seem like a minor point, but failure to plan creates delays, waste, and frustration.

So, if anything, this is one of the most important to get right!

Disassemble the Old Roof

You can’t install new tiled roof conservatories without removing any previous roof. We know this fact all too well! However, we’ve come across many a tale of a Tom, Dick and Harry who cut corners wherever they could.

Therefore, we suggest you consider the following:

  • Complete planning permission, materials delivery, and job site preparation long in advance. Arrange these necessities BEFORE the old roof is removed – otherwise, your home won’t be watertight.
  • This might make you pause for thought, but taking down an old ceiling isn’t that difficult. However, care should be taken to avoid damaging the main home. The same can be said for anything connected or any walls incorporated in the new build.
  • It’s only once the old roof is off, that work can begin on the new roof. Provided you aren’t installing the roof yourself, no homeowner should be left the broken remnants of the old roof to clear away. The installer should remove any waste from the site.
Building the New Roof

Again, constructing tiled roof conservatories is surprisingly easy to get right – and wrong. Fortunately, our expert installers know all the right tips and tricks to get the job done right the first time.

Here’s what the process looks like:

  • Measure everything TWICE. Lay it all out so that it’s easy to see what goes where. Preparation is key to a nice and fast installation.
  • Fit the eaves beam, seal any gaps where the windows and doors are screwed together to prevent water ingress later down the line.
  • Install the ridge and ensure everything is measured correctly before installing the glazing bars or hips.
  • Triple-check measurements. Before fully glazing or tiling the roof, push any wirework to prevent glazing panels and tiles from potential scratches.
  • Every roof style has different methods or procedures that should be followed to ensure a decent and leak-free installation.

Ultra Lightweight Tiled Roof Conservatories

Prefer that your living space were more comfortable, modern and protected?

A conservatory might be a great place to relax and spend time with the people you love but such adoration won’t stop the elements from taking its toll. Older conservatory roofs are not only prone to rot but mould and mildew build-ups. Without quality tiled roof conservatories, the effects of condensation will start to creep in. Fortunately, these common complaints can be avoided with ultra-lightweight tiled roof conservatories.

What are the benefits of ultra-lightweight tiled roof conservatories?

Regulated Temperature | Energy Efficient | More Hygenic | Virtually Maintenance-free | Reduce Condensation | Reduce Sun Bleaching of Furniture and Carpets | and much more

Capable of being retrofitted to existing conservatories, its tiles retain heat and keep moisture to a minimum.

Want an updated colour look and style? Prefer that your living space were more comfortable, modern and protected? If so, we have a lightweight roofing solution that’s right for you. This innovative design is not just lightweight but durable and can reduce sun bleaching. By replacing the glass with tiled roof conservatories, you can protect your furniture from the long-term effects of harsh UV rays.

The perfect choice for affordable, durable and lightweight roofing systems in your home.

Roofers and DIYers love that lightweight tiles are easier to install, smarter and more affordable. Plus, as far as choices are concerned, Lightweight roofing tiles offer as much flexibility and performance as plain tiles roof. In some cases, it provides even more variety and style, than polycarbonate slate sheets!

The Tiled Roof Conservatories process

Better still, quoting for tiled roof conservatories couldn’t be easier. In fact, we’ve broken it down into a four-step process. To find out more about our quick quotes, see below.

Conservatory Style & Dimensions

Input the style of the conservatory you want (click here for the styles we offer) as well as the width and projection (mm)

Wall & Roof Style

Select the aesthetic style of the wall you would like as well as the roof type and style (please note that insulation will have a significant impact on your property)

Colour of Conservatory, Doors, Fanlights & Any Extras

Input the colour, amount of doors and adjoining doors, plus fanlights. Lastly, leave any necessary additional information

Your Details

Enter your name, contact details and preferred payment method. We also appreciate hearing about how you found us and whether you would like future marketing

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