Solid Tiled Conservatory Roofs

DIY Conservatories With A Tiled Roof

At Tiled Roof we have a good range of conservatories you can purchase from us and these will enable your home to have more room that is useful and practical. With the magnificent tiled roof, you will be able to use your conservatory all year round and without having to spend loads of money on heating to keep it warm because it has a U-value of 0.14. The tiled roof will provide you with so many benefits and energy efficiency are one of them. The insulation inside of the roof will bring a lot more usage from the conservatory, which will allow you to have friends and family around your home more often or whenever you like. The tiled roof we provide can be used on new installations and for roof replacements on existing conservatories.

All of the structural and building regulations are met thanks to careful design and engineering. The roof has been extensively tested and certificates issued to ensure it complies with and exceeds the current building regulation requirements for both structural and thermal performance. If you currently have a conservatory and want to change your roof to a solid tiled one, our team will be able to do this for you. When doing this speed is vital to protect your room and minimise disruption as much as possible. Because the pods are fabricated in the factory, we offer a solution that is installed and made watertight faster than any other system.

Going back to the benefits that this roof will give to your conservatory. It doesn’t just keep it warm in the winter months, but it will help to keep the conservatory a cool comfortable temperature during the summer as well. This is because the insulation in the roof will help to block out the sun when it is beaming down onto the conservatory. One of the worst features of having a glass or polycarbonate roof would be that the sun easily warms up the conservatory in the summer above and beyond a comfortable temperature. This is because when the sun penetrates the glass or polycarbonate, the heat is then trapped inside the conservatory and can’t escape. But with the tiled roof, the sun won’t even be allowed to penetrate the conservatory meaning that heat won’t get trapped inside and you will be able to use it as you please.

When you are looking to purchase a new conservatory, you can see and take a look at all of our range on our tiled conservatory prices page. We have Lean-To conservatories, Edwardian, Victorian, Gable End and many more. You have a very good selection to choose from when purchasing from us and not only that each of our conservatories comes with a range of sizes so that you can get the perfect size for the amount of space you have available.

If you would like to find out more about our conservatories, please get in contact with us and we will be able to provide you with a quick quote for the conservatory you want and answer any questions that you may have about our structures. If you do decide to purchase a conservatory from us you will have the choice to build it yourself or get one of our professionals to do it for you. Some of our customers have built their own conservatories from us and this is possible because we provide them with detailed instructions and guides. As well as the conservatory being created with our innovative pod system which means that all of the pieces just go together without needing any more engineering out of the factory. You can always ask us about this when you are enquiry about one of our conservatories if you are interested.

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