Solid Tiled Roof Conservatories

DIY Conservatories With A Tiled Roof
Expanding your home can be a difficult and somewhat stressful, but at Tiled Roof Conservatories we aim to limit the stress caused and replace that feeling with excitement. The solid roof we use on our conservatories are designed to be used for new installations or as a roof replacement to existing conservatories and features a U-value of 0.14. This “warm Roof” design was conceived through the use of a pod system finished off externally with lightweight tiles of your choosing. All structural and building regulations are met thanks to careful design and engineering. The roof has been extensively tested and certificates issued to ensure it complies and exceeds the current building regulation requirements for both structural and thermal performance.
The tiled roofs insulation is what makes the roof so good and will benefit you massively. The insulation will help you to make your conservatory a lot more efficient and will help to not only save money and energy but save the environment as well; This is because you will be using fewer fossil fuels when heating your home and releasing less emissions into the air because of this. But that isn’t the only benefit you get from the insulation inside of the roof, if you have had a conservatory before without a tiled roof on it you will notice that the sound of rain hitting the roof is very loud and disruptive, but with the tiled roof this is significantly quieter and you will only notice the sound of rain if it is very heavy downpour.

You will also notice that sounds from the outside of your conservatory are quieter as well, this means that road noise and animal noises will be significantly quieter and maybe not even detectable at all. When you have decided what conservatory, you want to purchase from us you can also make the decision as to if you want to build the structure yourself or not? We can provide you with all the guides and instructions you will need to be able to build the structure yourself without having any trouble. If you don’t feel up to the challenge then we can have our professional building team come and build it for you so you can relax and have the peace of mind that the conservatory is being built properly.

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