Tiled Conservatory Kits

DIY Conservatories With A Tiled Roof

The tiled conservatory kits we provide you with are pre-assembled which means that all of the parts you receive will just piece together like a jigsaw. This enables our customers to actually build the conservatories themselves. A lot of people might think this as a daunting task but with our amazing guides and instructions, you will have no problems. The customers that have taken the plunge have said that the experience was really good and that they would do it again if they could. But if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself then we can send a team over to build the structure quickly and with the peace of mind that it is being done properly.

When you come to purchase a conservatory, you will have a few good choices to make that will shape your conservatory. Firstly, you will need to choose the style of structure that you want; this could be Lean-to, Victorian, Gable End, Edwardian and more. The choice is yours and after you have chosen that you can then choose if you want the conservatory to be full-height glass or have a 600mm dwarf wall. The next step to configuring your conservatory is to choose the size of the structure itself. Each of our conservatory styles come in a range of sizes that you can choose from to ensure that you get a perfect size that you want. Then finally once all of that has been chosen you can choose the colours that are used in the conservatory. When a conservatory is blended into the existing home it will be connected with it makes it look very smart and might be a great idea for you to implement with your conservatory.

So why choose a tiled roof over a glass or polycarbonate roof? The benefits are incomparable between the two different types of roofs. Your experience with your conservatory will be dramatically better with the tiled roof. This is because of a few different reasons. One is that the efficiency of the roof is much better than the rest, having a U-value of 0.14 in your conservatory will help it to be more efficient and stay warm during the winter. Not only will you save money on your energy bill but you will also be helping to save the environment as well. You will be able to use the conservatory for longer in the year and the insulation in the roof will also help you out in the summer as well; This is because the insulation will block out the hot beaming sun from entering the conservatory and trapping the heat inside of it. This means that you will have a conservatory that is a comfortable temperature throughout the summer months as well as the winter.

Another benefit of the tiled roof is the overall acoustics; These are massively improved which means that sounds inside of the conservatory will be softer and not echo as it does in glass and polycarbonate conservatories. This means that you will be able to have a lot of people inside of the conservatory without it getting very annoying with all the echoes that would normally be bouncing around. Also, when it is raining the annoyingly loud sound that it normally makes on the conservatory roof will no longer be a problem as the roof won’t create any sounds when the rain hits it.

All of the structural and building regulations are met thanks to careful design and engineering. The roof has also been extensively tested and certificates issued to ensure it complies with and exceeds the current building regulation requirements for both structural and thermal performance.

If you already have a conservatory with a glass or polycarbonate roof and want a tiled roof on your conservatory then our team will be able to do a roof replacement for you. When doing this speed is vital to protect your room and minimise the disruption caused. Because the pods are fabricated in the factory, we offer a solution that is installed and made watertight faster than any other system.

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