Tiled Conservatory Roof

Why Should You Get A Tiled Conservatory Roof

Our tiled roofs can really help to make your conservatory a much more enjoyable placeto be all year round.

First of all, the tiled roof comes with some amazing insulation inside of the roof that gives it a U-value of 0.14. This means that during the winter months the roof will be able to keep the nice warmth in from your heating and you don’t need to havce it blasting all the time to keep it warm. A lot of people don’t always notice straight away but the insulated tiled roof will also benefit you in the summer and this is because the insulation will help to block the sun out and in return keep the conservatory at a cool temperature on some of the hottest days of the year as the beaming hot light won’t be able to penetrate the insulation to overheat the conservatory.

If you have ever been in a glass or polycarbonate conservatory on a warm day you will know why this benefit is just as important as any other benefit you get from the roof.

Benefits Of A Tiled Roof

U-Value Of 0.14

Able to Use The Conservatory All Year Round

More Efficient Than Glass and Polycarbonate

Skylights are available to be installed into the roof

How Will You Benefit From The Tiled Roof?

The roof not only provides great energy efficiency but lots of other incentives as well.

So, you know all about the energy efficiency and the money you can save on your energy bills each month but not having to use the heating as much. But there are also many other benefits this roof can provide you with that will help you to understand why the tiled roof is such a good investment for your conservatory. The insulation is great for retaining heat but it is also great for the acoustics inside of the conservatory as the sound won’t bounce around the room and echo will be decreased to a minimum. You will also benefit aesthetically as well, the roof will look great and go well with your home especially if you are able to match the tile colours of the conservatory to your homes tiles.

The roof is also stronger than anyother type and doesn’t need so much maintainance to stay clean throughout the year. There is no need to worry about the roof being compliant with regulations as it is compliant with all of the strucatual regulations, these are met thanks to careful design and engineering by our team.


Current Conservatory Roof Isn’t Efficient Enough and The Sounds Inside are Echoey.

Makes the conservatory less useable at certain points in the year and when you have more than a few people inside of it.

You can have your current conservatory roof swapped out for one of our tiled ones.

What Can You Do If You Already Own A Conservatory

Our team can swap your existing conservatory roof for one of our brilliant ones

If you already own a conservatory and have a glass or polycarbonate roof, we are able to take that roof off and replace it with with our amazing tiled conservatory roof. This is done quickly as speed is vital when performing a roof replacement in order to protect your room and minimise the disruption caused. Once this is installed onto your conservatory you will notice the benefits of the tiled roof straight away and it is a relief for a lot of our customers who haven’t been able to use their conservatories all year round because of the poor insulation their old roof had.

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