Tiled Edwardian Conservatory

Bring your Edwardian conservatory into the here and now.

Follow in the footsteps of Pam and Gary as they give a new lease of life their home.

It’s now the space they’ve always wanted and their favourite room in the entire house – but their Edwardian conservatory wasn’t always this way. One of the things that struck Pam and Gary was that it isn’t like going into a conservatory anymore – it’s like going into another room.

Our Edwardian conservatory is revitalised! The new roof gives off a much more solid feeling and a far better ambience.


It’s helped bring the garden inside. Now, I can sit in here, see and enjoy all my little fairy lights when they light up.


Pam and Gary wanted to modify their Edwardian conservatory

Yet, until recently, none of this would have been possible.

It might well be lovely from Pam and Gary’s point of view, but until a few months ago, their Edwardian conservatory was a no-go zone. Too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer. It was often an uncomfortable space to be in. Yet, whilst organising some home improvements, they became interested in a solid replacement roof. After a bit of searching online, they discovered Tiled Roof Conservatories. Gary and Pam left their details, and we contacted them right away and arranged to come out and see them.

It just seemed like such a good idea so we just went for it. I don’t think we really hesitated really. We just placed our order – and work soon began.


The difference a warmer roof makes to an Edwardian Conservatory

For so many years, conservatories have featured glass or polycarbonate glazed roofs.

Whilst glazing lets in ample sunlight, they come with a raft of cons. Cons that Tiled Roof Conservatories dispenses with. Our lightweight tiles are a much more thermally efficient product that allows for a usable living space that’s just right, all year round.

We utilise something called a warmer roof.

This pioneering concept is engineered by Tiled Roof Conservatories and is a pod system (patent granted). It’s then finished off externally with lightweight tiles, all available in a wide range of colours – colours that best match your home.

It takes just one day to install – meaning your Edwardian conservatory will be usable at the end of the same day!

In no time at all, the old conservatory roof is removed. Remarkably, our roof will be in place almost as quickly. From an installer’s point of view, it’s a lightweight system. The panels are only 600 millimetres wide, making it easier for the installer to install. It’s an ideal product for replacing conservatory roofs and traditional extensions.

The warmer roof helps control the conservatory temperature all year round, making it a usable and practical space.

The segmented nature of the build means there are numerous finishing options, making it far more cost-effective than windows. The warmer roof gives the customer an ulterior glazing option. Plenty of customers have had their conservatories for 25-30 years, most of which feature old-style roofs.

The warmer roof is a lightweight tiled version that gives people a much better space to live in.

It’s safe to Gary and Pam LOVE their new Edwardian conservatory

Later the same day, the warmer roof is in place and ready for the final finishing touches.

Tiles come in a range of slate finishes and can be matched with a range of coloured guttering to suit every taste. Inside, glass panels allow light to flood the space. From here, you can look into integrating a range of downlighting and even a sound system.

We absolutely love our new conservatory. The two of us can use it all year round. It’s not cold, and it’s not too hot . . . we’ve even fighting over who sits in there and whose room it is – we absolutely love it!


The warmer roof has transformed how Gary and Pam use their Edwardian conservatory.

It’s given them back their favourite room in the house and let them use it whatever the weather. Anybody that’s got an existing conservatory with a polycarbonate roof probably just won’t have used it anywhere near as many times in a year.

The Tiled Roof Conservatories process

Better still, quoting for tiled roof conservatories couldn’t be easier. In fact, we’ve broken it down into a four-step process. To find out more about our quick quotes, see below.

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Colour of Conservatory, Doors, Fanlights & Any Extras

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