Victorian Conservatory

The Victorian conservatory is timeless

Blur the lines between the interior and exterior of your home.

The Victorian conservatory is elegant, spacious and offers lush garden views. Unlike some styles, it’s ideal for modern and period properties and is a popular choice amongst even the most discerning homeowners. They are also great for blurring the lines between the interior and exterior of your home. The semi-octagonal frontage provides panoramic views of your garden and adds a distinctive touch of the Victorian era.

Tiles and solid roofing have become a growing trend.

A Victorian conservatory roof is steeply sloped, with 3 or 5 faceted sides. Its vaulted angled roof with its fancy ridge-line is a key visual feature of the design. Yet, whilst conservatories are known for fully glazed roofing, tiled options are now available. Tiles and solid roofing have become a growing trend as owners move away from poly-carbonate or old glass roofing in need of a replacement. They have excellent insular and thermal properties, which offer effective temperature management. Like other designs, the Victorian conservatory can be built with full glass sides or Dwarf-walls. Combining the latter with a tiled roof can create a solid and seamless visual feature that’s more akin to an extension than a sunroom. Renowned for its versatility, the span and pitch of its roof are customisable. This allows for very few limitations to your Victorian conservatory’s shape, size and configuration. Every one of our Victorian conservatories is custom-built right here in the UK by our sterling team.

How you can modernise your Victorian conservatory?

Here are some ideas to bring your Victorian conservatory into the 21st century.

Conservatory owners are all too aware of the pane of temperature management. How, in the summer, what was supposed to be a sunroom becomes so hot that it may as well be the sun. Or how, in the winter, you have to whack up the thermostat to brave your not-so-ideal igloo. Fortunately, tiled roofs have become a popular means of regaining space – all year-round – without breaking the bank. So, instead of shelling out for an extension, why not join the recent conservatory conversion trend?

Galvanise your glass

Improve the thermal performance of your Victorian conservatory by up to 33% with A-rated glass. Modern microscopic coatings retain heat whilst reflecting UV rays in warmer weather.

Improve your insulation

A Victorian conservatory with dwarf walls beneath the window can be injected with insulation. A cheap, quick and easy way to prevent heat loss is with non-flammable foam.

Open your home

Blur the lines between your home and garden by installing bifold doors. These create a seamless transition to the outside and make your conservatory feel far bigger and brighter.

Paint your palace

Create a unified space with the colour of your choice and the appropriate paints. We’d recommend painting your Victorian conservatory, but you could always paint your property!

Replace your roof

The first step to revitalising a Victorian conservatory is to replace its old roof. Tiled roofs are insulated and great for creating a luxurious living space for everyone to enjoy all year round.

Straighten your structure

Older Victorian conservatory frames can look tired, dirty and worn if they’re not cared for. Modern uPVC is more durable and thermally efficient than its older counterparts.

Our process

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What is a Victorian conservatory?

They can be found in urban and rural homes alike.

A Victorian conservatory is one of the three main period types of conservatory. This is the era when the nation’s love of the conservatory blossomed. It’s so named after the reigning monarch in the mid-to-late 19th century and can be found in urban and rural homes alike. Highly versatile and pleasing to the eye, the best blend in with your property and don’t look like an afterthought. By incorporating steep ornate roofs, they matched the period properties of the era. Plus, its multi-faceted bay fronts can be configured to suit your preferences. In the 19th century, architects did what they could to complement the period homes of the time with ever-more-elaborate details. Yet, no matter the age of your property, your conservatory can have double-glazing, electrics and all the latest innovations. A Victorian conservatory should blend in with your property and not look like an afterthought. Ideally, its thin frames and glass exterior aligns with and matches the exterior of your property. The trick for manufacturers of modern Victorian conservatories is to replicate this style. All whilst still meeting Building Regulations.

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